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  • April 2013 The dental wax production line that was designed and built by Camshaft Ltd has significantly improved productivity for our client. After running the line for more than six months Associated Dental Products reported the following results.

    300% increase in productivity
    70% increase in capacity
    30% reduction in energy costs
    Now able to export to 40+ countries
  • April 2013 One of our customers Jo Bird & Company Limited, has been awarded a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade 2013. We have helped them with their newproduct design and conducted modelling into cyclone and earth quake loadings on many of there products.
  • December 2012 Camshaft designed and built machine to make ½” candles
  • August 2012 Camshaft design and build a fully automated production line to produce dental wax. The line casts the wax in a continuous strip, conditions it through a series on proprietary processes and then cuts it and stacks it ready for shipment.
  • April 2012 Camshaft design and build a range of machine to allow the volume manufacture of disposable hospital curtains. View project
  • April 2011 Camshaft design and build a chair tester to conduct BS5459 part 2 :2000 tests, but can apply forces up to 50st (Kg) to allow testing of chairs for with increased design margin where chairs are used by people weighing more than the levels covered by the standard. View project
  • February 2011 Working closely with client Protechnic, Camshaft have designed and engineered a completely new style of flight transit case. The stylish new design has been patented and has some innovative design features such as shock absorbing corners and replaceable trim strips. View project
  • November 2010 Camshaft design and build a batch of prototype miniature ovens to a range of stringent specs that included holding the temperature anywhere in the oven to better than 2 degree C. View project
  • November 2010 Working with international market leading fire and safety storage cabinet manufactures Jo-Bird. Camshaft have redesigned their firebird product range so it can be manufactured by resin transfer moulding (RTM) while still retaining the high quality features customers expect in from their products.
  • August 2010 Camshaft design and built a machine to produce the vanes for vertical window blinds It adds the crease, punches the hanger hole and cuts the vanes to length. This product uses the Camshaft industrial controller.
  • November 2009 Camshaft launch its industrial controller. View project
  • May 2009 Camshaft take delivery of new Doosan Lynx CNC lathe to complement our CNC workshop.
  • June 2008 Camshaft design and build an extending pole to work with VeeCam® hardware. This product won the "Most Innovative Soldier System" award at the recent Soldier Technology show 2008 at Olympia in London. View project
  • January 2008 Camshaft sign deal to start manufacturing solar panel automation modules in China. View project
  • November 2007 Camshaft ship 150th Solar panel production line automation module.
  • August 2007 Camshaft ship 1st solar panel production line automation module.
  • August 2006 Camshaft signs deal to assist major hardware company with new storage peripherial and signs two year deal to develop custom production line tooling for American solar panel company. View project
  • April 2006 Philip Turner, one of Camshaft's directors, was the lead member of the team that designed the motion control system used to grind the ice skates of the gold medal winning 2006 USA Winter Olympic speed skating team.
  • March 2006 Camshaft secures contract to build more parts for use in MRI scanners.

*Some of the names of the companies we are currently working with are withheld for confidentially reasons.