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  • Exo Case

    exo case

    Protechnic asked us to transform the standard flight case which has remained almost unchanged since the 60’s with a more modern version so as to gain a competitive advantage on the competition.

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  • Fibre Optic Oven

    fibre optic oven

    We were requested to design and build some miniature ovens to cure fibre optic components as part of the clients production process.

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  • Solar Panel Automation

    solar panel automation

    The goal was to design an ultra low cost, highly flexible and very reliable automation system to allow solar panels to be produced without the use of manual labour.

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  • Chair Tester

    chair tester

    This tester was designed to allow our client to do in house testing to BS5459 on their new designs thus speeding up the design and development process and giving valuable data for new projects. Each chair is tested over 250,000 cycles.

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  • Observation Pole

    observation pole

    We were required to design an ultra lightweight observation pole capable of looking unobserved into a second floor window or to enable the user to look around while lying in long grass whilst being unobserved.

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Innovative Product Design

Camshaft is a small company dedicated to providing innovative design solutions to challenging engineering and design problems. We have extensive experience in designing and fabricating products, test tools and production line equipment on time and meeting the customer’s specification. Apart from a wide range of design skills we have a comprehensive in-house machine shop to rapidly build proto parts or parts for small volume manufacture. Our customer base ranges from large blue chip companies to individuals inventing new products.

Our Clients

HP Nanosys Rgochair Protechnic Seating Direct FBoard JoBird